Fresh Rumours about New Apple 3D Interface Surface

13 January 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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It’s not uncommon for us to get snippets of information about Apple’s submitted patents, and the latest is that their lawyers have revealed a few very interesting patent details outlining the company’s plans to introduce gesture controls to its range of portable devices with motion sensor technology.

The patent mentions their gestures patent “made a distance above a touch sensitive display”, reminiscent of gaming controllers such as the Nintendo Wii’s interface and more recently Microsoft’s controller free motion gaming peripheral which detects and transfers  commands into navigational movements and “clicks”.

This gesture development, combined with new 3D interface technology, will allow Apple users to browse through menus and select options with the use of gesticulations that would be picked up by an array of inbuilt proximity sensors, in a streamlined manner already familiar to us from many science fiction movies and television shows.

In addition to the iPhone 4S’s already established voice command personal assistant Siri, users will enjoy a customer experience that takes us further and further away from the traditional modes of interaction with portable devices.

If this technology is revealed, then it is no doubt just a matter of time before other mobile manufacturers make similar announcements, leading to the next generation of smart devices and a massive leap forward in how we perceive the user interface.

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