First Human-to-Human Brain Interface Under Testing

28 August 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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With the use of electrical brain recordings and magnetic stimulation, American scientists have performed what they believe to be the first non-invasive human-to-human brain interface.

University of Washington researcher Ralesh Rao managed to send a brain signal across the room via Internet to colleague Andrea Stocco, causing their fingers to move on a keyboard.

Stocco commented: “The Internet was a way to connect computers, and now it can be a way to connect brains. We want to take the knowledge of a brain and transmit it directly from brain to brain.”

Previously researchers at Duke University have tested brain to brain interfacing between two rats, and Harvard have managed a human to rat interface, but this is believed to be the first time that such a process has been tested with two human beings.

Rao concluded: “It was both exciting and eerie to watch an imagined action from my brain get translated into actual action by another brain. This was basically a one-way flow of information from my brain to his. The next step is having a more equitable two-way conversation directly between the two brains.”

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