Facebook Surprisingly Invites Users to Do Alpha Testing on Upcoming Android App

14 October 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Following from the success of their beta testing mode for the Android application earlier this year which saw users drafted in as usability guinea pigs to try out experimental features that could become a part of the final release, Facebook is now set to ask the public to take part in a much earlier testing phase.

Facebook announced their new Android alpha testing programme in a recent blog. Christian Legnitto, Mobile Release Engineering lead at Facebook, commented: “We started out with beta as we knew it would be a good balance between testing and usability, but we’d love to get feedback as early as testers want to give it. The Facebook for Android alpha testing program will be very similar to the beta program, but the app will be at an even earlier stage in its development.”

The social media giant’s Android app beta testing mode now has 1 million active users from 150 countries worldwide, and has proven to deliver a great deal of valuable feedback to help Facebook make Android more stable on the usability front.

It could be likely their invitation to get the public testing at the alpha rather than the beta stage will start a new trend.

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