Expanded Functionality for Google’s Handwrite Input System

19 January 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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July 2012 saw the release of Google’s “Handwrite” – a feature which allows the user to perform a Google search from a smartphone or tablet by writing their search term with a finger rather than inputting via keyboard or voice input.

The app had been regarded as a nice feature or an alternate method of input, but with a new update released today, Google will be hoping for deeper market penetration of their handwritten user interface.

Explaining some of the new features, product manager Lawrence Chang commented: “If you’ve tried Handwrite before, you may have had some trouble entering a lowercase ‘L’, the number ’1′, or a capital ‘I’. Now, we provide alternate interpretations of your characters that you can select above the space bar. If Google interprets your handwriting one way and you meant the other, you can now more easily make a correction.”

A new facility that allows the writing of letters on top of each other, rather than having to fit a word onto a small screen has also been implemented.

While the upgraded system is unlikely to revolutionise the search engine’s user interface, it’s always nice to have alternate options in any software.

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