Drupal Conduct Participant Moderated Study Into Newly Released Toolbar

8 October 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Drupal, the free open source content management system, have been testing their new toolbar prototype with the aid of a participant moderated usability study on desktop and mobile platforms.

Most of the participants had a positive reaction to the new changes, with the remaining of those involved being neutral and the mobile version being received significantly better than the desktop experience.

The design was found to be clean and user-friendly, with visually appealing design elements and icons. Its clear viewability and ease of navigation on mobile phones also garnered praise.

A number of flaws were found though, with participants failing to notice essential navigation devices and at times being confused as to the functions of some of the presented icons.  Some of the menu terminology also came in for criticism, with recommendations for alternate wording being taken on board and alternatives for correct taxonomy labels suggested.

The report shows the importance of user feedback at the launch of a new user interface, not only for the sake of bug testing but also to ensure that what may appear to be an obviously signposted feature is indeed conveying its correct purpose.

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