Dropbox Chases Corporate Clients with New Usability Features

13 February 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Have already successfully made big waves in the consumer market, Dropbox have upped their game in an attempt to gain a larger slice of the corporate market.

They have released an extensive upgrade to their cloud storage service, including the capability to allow IT administrators to closely track which users have viewed a file and a what time, as well as being able to instantaneously grant or withhold file permissions.

The new dashboard is the company’s first major upgrade for 18 months and was based around customer feedback. Dropbox’s Sujay Jaswa commented: “When we asked our customers what they needed from us to use Dropbox in the enterprise, this is what they said.”

Brian Schreier, one of the early investors in the company, said: “Five years ago, we started in a place that was laser-focused on consumer. That has proven to be the right move, because by focusing on usability, we’ve been driving adoption across 2 million businesses too.”

The recent upgraded should also go some way to reassuring new users, who may still remember some well publicised security lapses in the companies system that occurred in July of last year.

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