Crowdsourced Marketplace Emerges for iPhone & Android Usability Testing

18 March 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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There can’t be many developers out there who are not all too painfully aware of the importance of usability testing for their software and applications. Many have learnt the hard way, via complaints following a buggy release. This is where Stockholm based The Beta Family step in with their new marketplace aimed at crowd sourcing usability testing for iPhone and Android platforms.

Those choosing to test their product with the new marketplace are given the ability to hand pick the testers that enter the program, based on ratings given to them by previous developers who will leave a star rating and a short comment on feedback received.

The Beta Family developers have compared their system to the seller feedback feature on Ebay, allowing developers to choose at a glance who they trust with their products and with four main categories considered – usability, graphics and sounds, bugs/errors, and ‘other input’.  Developers are also able to specify further areas to be considered in their usability testing for additional targeted feedback.

To date, the marketplace has tested around 1,300 public and private apps. The Beta Family’s Axel Nordenström commented on the usefulness of their marketplace: “Our system should work for small indie developers, but should also work for big companies to do a test – they can pay more to get access to the best testers.”

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