Comptel Brings Innovative Analytics Solution to Boost Telco Customer Experience

21 May 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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The Comptel Corporation has today introduced an innovative approach which will allow communications service providers (CSPs) to take their customer experience management to the next level.

Using advanced predictive analytics technology called CIQ4T, CSPs will be able to understand each individual subscriber and their circumstances better than ever before, plus leverage this information to predict consumer behaviours so they can enhance their business performance accordingly.

These customer engagement solutions raise the bar in event data processing, advanced predictive analytics and real-time action-taking, so that CSPs can build a personalised service to maximise subscriber interactions.

Key features of CIQ4T include contextual real-time data, advanced predictive analytics and automated actions.

Juhani Hintikka, president and CEO of Comptel, commented: “Customer experience management has been a buzz term across the Telco industry for quite some time now. We are very excited to challenge the traditional approaches taken thus far, and share why our concept of CIQ4T, in combination with our event-analysis-action strategic framework, can truly help CSPs achieve their goal of getting closer to their customers.”

He added: “By leveraging field-proven, best-in-class advanced predictive analytics, CSPs are in a much better position to uncover new business opportunities and increase their profitability.”

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