Cisco Looks to Younger Generation for User-Experience Testing

28 May 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Cisco has embarked on a new program of employing college graduates in a bid to improve their information technology department’s ability to provide an effective user experience.

By hiring testers from the “Millennial Generation”, Cisco stands in direct contrast to the majority of their competitors who classically hire more experienced workers. But by making use of testers who have grown up without the burden of the initial cumbersome user interfaces and expect intuitive user experience right out of the box, Cisco are hoping to put themselves in a prime position to produce attractive, user-friendly interfaces.

Cisco have acknowledged the fact that people will leave a website if they don’t like the way it looks or functions and as such, the feedback from younger users who could potentially convert to lifelong customers is essential.

Lance Perry, a Cisco Vice President in charge of their talent strategy for IT, commented on their youth strategy: “They might not have built out data centres but they’ve been on computers their whole lives.”

The Millennial Generation is also currently the largest population group in the United States and according to Monique Edmonson, a senior Management Consultant for the global firm: “If we don’t jump on this now, we could miss the boat in getting innovation and talent into our company.”

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