#CHIPLAY15 prize winners announced!

8 October 2015
Nour Khalifeh

Nour Khalifeh

Accounts & Operations Manager

Looking after our clients and keeping Spotless running.

It has been a pleasure sponsoring this year’s CHI PLAY in London with so many people getting involved at our stand!

Here are our winners from the #CHIPLAY15 Super Mario World competition.

October 5th Winners:

1. Spotless UX Consultant for the day – Wolfgang Holcleitner – Lecturer

2. Super Mario Hat – Julian Frommel – PhD student

3. Super Mario and Yoshi plush toy – Frederick De Vette – Student

4. Goomba plush toy – Mike Sheinin – Student

October 6th Winners:

1. Limited Edition PS4 & Batman Arkham Night game – Michael Lankes – Lecturer

2. King Koopa plush toy – Liam Collins – Student

3. Waluigi plush toy – Daniel Rammer – Student

4. Koopa Troopa plush toy – Chad Richards – Student

Congratulations to all of our winners. We will be back again running more competitions. Stay tuned to find our where we’ll be next…


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