BlackBerry Z10 Offers Smooth UX but Fails to Wow with Anything New

8 April 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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BlackBerry’s new 10 OS smartphone has been tested to see what it offers customers in terms of its user experience.

Overall, the consensus is that while the mobile’s interface is a refreshing change from the screens of icons common to most of Blackberry’s competitors and the hardware will not disappoint, it does not give prospective new customers that something ‘fresh’ they can’t get elsewhere.

It must be said that the gesture-based UX of BB10 on the Z10 model is intuitive, conveniently simple and fluid after you spend some time with it – users will find it easy to swipe in from the edge of the display to navigate the OS.

Nevertheless, reviewer James Kendrick commented: “As nice as the hardware is on the Z10, and how refreshing BB10 is, the longer I use it the more I feel it’s not compelling me to switch. It does what it does well enough but it doesn’t add anything I don’t already have with my current phone.”

He added: “I would compare the new BlackBerry to a soft drink. The new drink may be very refreshing but it doesn’t quench the thirst any better than existing drinks. It tastes OK but there’s nothing to get prospective customers to give up their favourite soft drink for the new one.”

Thus, while Blackberry enthusiasts will no doubt like their latest offering, the smartphone does not seem as if it will attract a stampede of new converts.

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