Apple Releases OS X Update Featuring More Seamless User Experience

17 February 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Apple has long aimed for the ideal of a seamless user experience regardless of whichever of their devices a person happens to be working on. This utopia is now one step closer following the latest release of their OS X.

The operating system update will see a better unification of their iPad, iPhone, iPad touch and desktop machines than ever before.

Version 10.8 has been announced with the name Mountain Lion. It comes complete with many of the new features users are familiar with in the iOS 5, but tweaked for enhanced use on desktop Macs.

Features range from the functional Notes, Reminders and iMessages to more leisure based functionality such as AirPlay and Game Centre integration. Twitter has also been directly integrated into the upgraded system, allowing you to tweet directly from a selection of different apps.

Mountain Lion’s user interface remains stylishly recognisable, of course, as an Apple product – no major renovations or cosmetic aspects are noticeable. Nevertheless, the way that the iOS features have been cleverly implemented into the desktop significantly changes the way users will interact with multiple Apple devices.

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