Android Seeks to Simplify Usability to Boost Emotional Appeal

19 October 2011
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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Despite having the leading market share in the smartphone sector, the Google executives behind Android have their eyes fixed on new targets.

Matias Duarte, Head of Android’s User Experience team, has recently spoken about Google’s user base research, which is aimed at getting a better understanding of how people use their smartphones and how the company has can improve on their product even further.

The study has shown that many users find the Android operating system to be overly complex and unintuitive, often leading to frustration for those who know what their technology can do but don’t know how to access many of the available features.

Duarte explained:  “With Android, people were not responding emotionally, they weren’t forming emotional relationships with the product. They needed it, but they didn’t necessarily love it.”

To remedy this, the Android team are indicating an enhanced focus on usability, to move away from the platform’s more complex foundation in favour of a more accessible system that appeals to users on an emotive level.

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