Amazon’s Kindle Fire Set to Impress Users with Streamlined Customer Experience

12 October 2011
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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The hotly anticipated release of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet is finally nearly upon us, with a November 15th release in the US officially announced and at a $199 price tag. It has not yet been confirmed however when the device will make its appearance on shelves in the UK or at what cost.

Amazon’s new 7 inch tablet includes a 1 GHz dual core processor, 8 GB of internal storage and an onboard 512Mbs of RAM.  As well as allowing users to directly purchase books, magazines and movies as with its predecessor, the Kindle Fire will also allow users access to Amazon Cloud Storage and will reportedly include a 30 day trial subscription to Amazon’s online movie streaming service, Amazon Prime.

The tablet runs on a variation of Android 2.3 that has been vastly customised to suit a new user experience. Rather than the now familiar Android UI, the main interface is a well rendered rotating bookshelf for users to store their virtual purchases, from full colour magazines and movies to other applications.

The browser that the tablet uses is called Amazon Silk, an EC2 computer cluster. This compression performance is claimed to give the device impressive processing power to reduce bandwidth limitations and pack a punch for cloud computing. Users will also be pleased with Silk’s ability to learn your browsing patterns and pre-load the pages you read the most.

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