ADAIA Announce their New Smartphone for Action Thrill Seekers

25 January 2013
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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In partnership with world-famous base jumper and wing suit pilot Jeb Corliss, mobile company ADAIA are to release a virtually indestructible smartphone.

The Android device is being marketed as ideal for adventurers and sports enthusiasts – it will be put through its paces by US athlete Corliss as he dives in Palau, jumps in Asia and Europe and explores the Nevada Desert.

Corliss will also be testing the usability of the devices features, including military grade security, top of the range navigation, extended battery life and satellite functionality when no terrestrial network is available.

ADAIA CEO Heikki Saraj√§rvi commented: “When I destroyed my fourth smartphone last year while sailing, I knew there was a need for a durable smartphone capable of weathering the toughest environments. Bringing Jeb’s talent onto the team to put our handset through its paces is vital to our business”

He added: “The ADAIA smartphone will be super valuable in far-flung corners of the world for the abilities to stay in touch and communicate through social platforms but also for safety reasons. It could be the difference between living and dying in a remote location.”

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