3 Reasons you should join our Service Design Fringe Festival workshops

6 September 2017
Hannah Steele

Hannah Steele

Spotless Alum

I help to design experiences that elevate the way people live.



What is Service Design?

Are you an empathetic person? Empathy is at the heart of Service Design because Service Designers always work in close collaboration with users and stakeholders to understand complex service systems and identify opportunities where design can enhance or augment experiences. Providing people with meaningful experiences is the ultimate end goal. Service Design strives to be the bridge that connects customers and service providers by designing impactful and useful service touch-points.


 Why should you come?

  1. If you want to know more about Service Design please come and experience it for yourself. In these hands-on workshops you will learn about the why, the what and how of service design through a guerrilla project.
  2. At Spotless we don’t believe in one right answer, only different perspectives. As the core of ‘Service Design’ is about collaborating with people from multidisciplinary backgrounds, it would be great to have you to be part of our workshop to bring in fresh thinking and new ideas.
  3. Spotless have created a Service Design Toolkit that each participant will get to access to. The workshops will show you how to use a variety of different methods across the design process, taking a brief through to solution.


The workshops

Mocha Methods
Wednesday 20th September | 10am – 4.30pm
Applying service design methods to enhance the experience of a coffee shop

Underground Games
Thursday 21st September | 10am – 4.30pm
Using service design methods to identify future opportunities in transport

Come and play with us during Service Design Fringe Festival at our studio in Shoreditch, and uncover what is inside Spotless’ Service Design toolbox. Each workshop is limited to 8 participants, so make sure to stay updated by following our hashtag #spotSDFF or email us to register your interest in one of our workshops.

Ben Logan - Director

Got a project in mind?

Ben is on hand to answer your questions.