2012 International Consumer Electronics Show Promises Bright Future

10 January 2012
Ben Logan

Ben Logan


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If the word at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show is to be believed, we can expect an invasion of smart technology in our homes and a streamlined way to interact with multiple household devices.

Smart kitchen tops, smart cameras, in-vehicle accessories, tablets and 3-D televisions – all connected to each other and to the Internet – are on the horizon.

Many of these devices will also be connected to social networking platforms to allow for a seamless integration of home life and online activity.

It’s also expected that a refinement of user interfaces will soon be unveiled. With ever more complicated devices constantly hitting the market, there is often an overwhelming array of buttons and options which we are now being simplified for consumer ease-of-use.

Speaking of the fresh design decisions being applied to the new generation of tablets for example, Chief Economist and Director of research for the Consumer Electronics Association, Shawn Dubravac, commented: “One of the big concerns about tablets was that it didn’t change the experience, it just changed the real estate. These devices don’t need to be completely, radically different from what’s out in the marketplace, as long as they provide a somewhat different experience.”

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