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Harmony Mason-Rowe
26 March 2021

So How Does This Work in Anthropology? Coming from a background in Anthropology, positionality and the site of research is a contentious subject. Key considerations often involve: who you are, what your relationship is to the subject, how this will impact your research, and how you will approach these influences? It is not uncommon for Anthropologists to dedicate a section of their ethnographies to exploring how their experience, knowledge, or connections might impact their work and how they have mitigated or incorporated this into their findings. These sections help the researcher and the audience to better understand the site of…

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Nour Khalifeh
5 March 2021

AmazonFresh opened their first brick and mortar ’just walk out’’ store in the UK yesterday, and I have been lucky to experience it on the first day of launch!

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Nadja Toft
5 October 2020

When lockdown sent most of us home back in March, the dust had just settled on my new home office before the thought kicked in: now is the perfect time to learn a new skill, take up a new hobby, completely reinvent myself! The problem is, all that ‘extra’ time usually spent on commuting, hasn’t transformed me into another human being. I’m still me. But like many others, I insisted on doing something productive with my new home-bound life. So I took up knitting and started a sourdough. I think they’re what you would call classic-COVID-projects. And, laugh all you…

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Caroline Butler
21 September 2020

Over the last few months, we’ve experienced global political upheaval that have made issues of race more prevalent in the public’s awareness than ever before. I have seen friends, colleagues and celebrities struggle with the heavy burden of communicating and evidencing that racism takes many forms, both explicit and implicit.

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Nadja Toft
4 September 2020

Now that we’re all back from holiday, we wanted to catch up on what the team have been listening to, reading and watching over the summer. This time, our Director Ben, Lead experience consultant Billy and myself have some recommendations for you.   Podcasts we’re listening to   The Missing Cryptoqueen — new episode!! I was so delighted to see a new episode popping up in my podcast feed a few weeks ago! In The Missing Cryptoqueen Jamie Bartlett unpicks the financial revolution OneCoin in his chasing after the missing Dr. Ruja who disappeared after persuading millions of people to…

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Ben Logan
15 June 2020

Over the past month, we’ve been busy making a plan for how to safely reopen our labs and back office. The Insight Rooms will reopen on Monday the 6th of July 2020, and we will be getting back to running face to face research.

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