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Erin Peace
7 November 2017

In most disciplines, you have to know the rules to break the rules. In service design, the rule is to break the rules. Service designers are encouraged to draw on experience to determine what method is most appropriate in any given scenario. Prototyping, for example, generally works well for touchpoint-heavy services, while contextual interviews are better suited to services that people interact with in a specific location. But there is no one method that works for every situation, every time. In order to make space for truly compelling insights, a good service designer understands how to select methods with an…

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Caroline Butler
24 October 2017

The Spotless team are back in the office, back from our annual Away Day where we’ve spent a few days together planning, learning and socialising in the comforts of a large country house. Away days can mean many things to different people. Like Marmite, some people love them and some people hate them. Away days can elicit a wide range of opinions and perceptions. The thought of awkward team building exercises, watching your boss dance like David Brent or the enforced fun becoming an HR issue – are fears that everyone at Spotless was keen to shake. Luckily to say,…

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Kath Saeng-Uraiporn
3 October 2017

During the Service Design Fringe festival, the Spotless team held two 1 day workshops; Mocha Methods and Underground Games. The first workshop aimed to apply Service Design methods to re-invent the experience of a coffee shop. While the second event, Underground Games, attempted to use service design methods to identify future opportunities in transport.   Mocha Methods by Hannah Steele and Kath Saeng-Uraiporn Underground Games by Kayleigh Thompson and Erin Peace These two events were successful well beyond our expectations with great ideas and enthusiasm from all participants. On Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st September, we welcomed people from the…

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Marianne Brierley
26 September 2017

It’s awesome to see the team growing and to have so many talented designers joining the ranks! We welcome 2 new Service Designers and a UX Designer to the team.

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26 September 2017

Over the last few years, a number of design buzzwords have been popularised by various media with varying definitions, making it increasingly difficult to communicate what we do as service designers. We are all ‘design thinkers’ or ‘human-centred designers’ concerned with ‘strategic design’ or ‘user experience’. I’ve spoken about service design with many designers and quickly realised we’re using the same words to describe very different things. It’s confusing, to say the least. So what differentiates service design from other disciplines? And how much do the definitions matter? One of the reasons these definitions are so challenging for service designers…

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Hannah Steele
6 September 2017

  What is Service Design? Are you an empathetic person? Empathy is at the heart of Service Design because Service Designers always work in close collaboration with users and stakeholders to understand complex service systems and identify opportunities where design can enhance or augment experiences. Providing people with meaningful experiences is the ultimate end goal. Service Design strives to be the bridge that connects customers and service providers by designing impactful and useful service touch-points.    Why should you come? If you want to know more about Service Design please come and experience it for yourself. In these hands-on workshops…

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