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Max Taylor
2 January 2019

The original promise of UX — How UX subdisciplines cause oversight — Reductionism vs. Holism — The case for a multi-disciplined approach Etymologists have long been aware of the effect known as semantic drift – how the meanings of phrases can change over time. For example, mouse and bookmark now make sense as concepts in computers as well as their root meaning. Semantic drift has happened to the term and profession ‘UX’ (user experience). ‘UX’ in its original textbook definition [1] no longer mirrors what is being blogged about today. Judging from job descriptions, UX practitioners are tasked with increasingly narrow scopes and are asked to…

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Signe Bek
23 October 2018

Earlier this month the annual Service Design Global Conference took place. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by beautiful Dublin, don’t worry — I’ll be sharing the key insights and the Spotless team’s reflections right here. This year’s conference focused on ‘designing to deliver’. How do we as Service Designers get people onboard to ensure implementation and actual service adoption? — And finally, how do we move beyond tools and actually achieve behavioural change in the end? Read the insights on what’s going on within the Landscape, the Practice, the Services and the Delivery here. 1_ The Landscape If you want to…

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Signe Bek
17 October 2018

Spotless was recently transformed into a Future Lab to explore, build and test future scenarios within retail. The aim was to advance our prototyping competences and to explore methods to consider possible futures. Recently the whole Spotless team left London to work on our business strategy as a service design agency and to advance our internal competences. You can read Senior Service Designer, Hannah Steele’s blog post on how to plan a company away day here. As experience consultants and designers we explore and manage potential futures to allow and support our clients in realising their opportunities and potential. One…

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Richie Kennedy
5 October 2018

Note: I will be referring to the companies hiring Spotless to conduct service design research as ‘clients’ and to these companies’ customers as ‘participants’ or ‘customers’. We have recently been doing work with more expert, or at least niche, systems at Spotless. Research with more general systems is often easy to recruit for. Throw a net and you’ll likely catch a social media or online banking user. But if your system is only relevant to, say Architects, Doctors, or City Planners you need to get a bit more creative and dare I say, reliant, when considering how you will recruit…

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Hannah Steele
3 October 2018

Last month, the whole Spotless team went on our annual away day where we spent 3 days out of the studio to learn, up-skill and get to know each other a bit better outside of work. The idea of the away day is for us to all reflect on the past year and acknowledge our successes but also to iron out some issues we have come across along the way, so that we go into 2018/19 with focus and alignment. The Spotless team is now 21 strong and growing, so it is no secret that we have had a couple…

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Ben Logan
1 August 2018

We’re happy to announce that our services are now available on the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace, as part of the G-Cloud 10 framework. The G-Cloud framework allows researchers and public-sector bodies to procure digital services more quickly and cheaply than going through individual contracts. You can find our design consultancy services on the Digital Marketplace and our research facilities available for hire under Digital Outcomes & Specialists. Our consultancy services include: Design Research User Testing — Qualitative and Quantitative Service Design Strategy Digital Prototyping and Implementation And our on-site research facilities, The Insight Rooms, offer a friendly environment that supports…

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