Adapt and improve the interactions with your service

Discover a new way forward for your organisation. Enhance your service touchpoints to respond quickly to evolving demands and behaviours. Reduce the risk of making ineffective and costly changes by validating them before implementation.

  • Discovery research
  • Remote interviews
  • Prototyping
  • User testing
Your problem

Do you need to improve the resilience of your existing service, digital product or processes to cope with new user behaviour and business requirements?

Restrictions and new behaviour means new ways of interacting with your service
Our solution

By improving the experience of digital and non digital touchpoints we can increase the effectiveness of your product or service. This could be your website, app, packaging and call centre scripts. Any point where your user and organisation interact.

We will design and test solutions to solve your problem. We do this through a quick time-boxed design process, producing prototypes of solutions and testing them with users to get their feedback on aspects such as usefulness and usability. This design process can validate changes to navigation, content, messaging, the interface and user journeys, as well as concepts for service propositions and non digital touchpoints like packaging.

We will screen and recruit participants from either our large network of global recruitment partners or we can recruit from your database. We will organise the streaming and documenting of the sessions. We will conduct remote user testing sessions and handover the prototype for development.


The outcome

This approach reduces the risk of making wrong and costly development changes by validating products and service enhancements, early and often. It is also great for getting business alignment and prioritising actions.

This approach gets the best results when you have a good understanding of the problem and are confident that you have the right insight to drive solutions. If you are unsure of the problem you want solved or want to get reacquainted with your users, we suggest getting quick insights or undertaking deeper discovery research before embarking on designing solutions.



Projects can start at 4 weeks in duration, from project kick off to handover of validated prototype.

Examples of research

We’ve recently answered the following research questions


Working from home

Supporting the purchase of broadband packages to support increased home working


Travel insurance claims

Making travel insurance claims more efficient for users and the business

Ben Logan - Director

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