Ben Logan

Netflix Finally Gets It Right with Latest Android App Update Featuring UI Overhaul

Movie streaming service Netflix has released an update to its Android app this week – following from what seems like a strong cycle of usability testing, it boasts an overhauled user interface and more streamlined navigation. Despite several updates, up until now the Netflix Android app did not deliver the best user experience, so people mainly accessed the app as the best source for video streaming on Android and Chromecast. The revamped Netflix Android app however has seen a complete overhaul, featuring a vastly improved UI, a better navigation bar, fast touch response and smoother lock screen playback controls. In…

Marianne Kernohan

Usability Testing: When to use remote usability testing

Remote usability testing offers greater audience diversity and higher fidelity to real-world user motivations than in-person methods (but should not entirely replace them). We recommend using ‘Moderated’ testing for understanding an issue and “Unmoderated” to get large volumes of data. Introduction – to remote usability testing Traditional in-person usability testing involves an evaluator and a participant being in the same location at the same time and looking at the same screen. The participant in the usability testing session is then asked to perform certain tasks and vocalize their thoughts. Most usability professionals will tell you that usability testing is an invaluable…

20 January 2014
Ben Logan

New PS4 Gets First Update to Refine the User Interface

PlayStation 4 hasn’t even been out for a week and already the 1.51 system update has been released, demonstrating that the company’s usability testing team are hard at work. While the new update is not nearly as expansive as the 1.50 ‘day one’ update that made many PS4 features available to gamers, it contains important usability features such as improved software stability and a refined user interface that clearly indicates when a person downloads a game and a game patch at the same time. North American PS4s have automatic downloads of system updates enabled by default when the PS4 is…

Ben Logan

Google Brings Fast Automated Testing for Android User Interfaces

An automated Android testing framework, known as Espresso, has just been launched by Google – it allows for the automated testing of x86 machines in the cloud within a multi-threaded environment, which effectively addresses the concurrency issues usually associated with user interface testing. Due to the large number of available devices, testing Android products can be an expensive and time consuming process. The usual solution to this is to make use of an emulator to support a multitude of OS versions, screen sizes and memory constraints, which whilst being a useful method can sometimes be a slow process. Google’s new…

25 October 2013
Author: Ben Logan
Ben Logan

Facebook Surprisingly Invites Users to Do Alpha Testing on Upcoming Android App

Following from the success of their beta testing mode for the Android application earlier this year which saw users drafted in as usability guinea pigs to try out experimental features that could become a part of the final release, Facebook is now set to ask the public to take part in a much earlier testing phase. Facebook announced their new Android alpha testing programme in a recent blog. Christian Legnitto, Mobile Release Engineering lead at Facebook, commented: “We started out with beta as we knew it would be a good balance between testing and usability, but we’d love to get…

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